Payment by Check (must be drawn on a USA bank)

Check Payable to: Language Exchange International

and mailed to:

Language Exchange International

500 N.E. Spanish River Blvd.

Suite 19

Boca Raton, Florida

​33431  USA

Charges that may apply to all students:

1.  Registration Fee(non-refundable)             

2.  Deposit for Courses being taken

3.  Homestay Registration Placement Fee

4.  Airport Transfers 

5.  Overnight DHL fee for I-20                        



      1.  Every one MUST COMPLETE the on-line Application.

      All questions in the application that have a

         RED * must be completed or the SUBMIT button will not function.

      2.  If you do not have information to include in questions with the              RED*,type the word NONE or select NONE in the space provided          otherwise the SUBMIT button will not work.

      3.  Applications cannot be processed until payment has  been                    made. PayPal enables you to use Credit and Debit Cards. 


Be sure to press the SUBMIT button. You will be directed to the PAYMENT PAGE.

Please Read These Important Instructions

1.  It is suggested that you visit the “2016 Schedule of Programs page and  print it out for reference.

​2.  Carefully review the “2016 Schedule of Programs and determine the courses that you plan to take.

​3.  Review the programs being offered and make your selection BEFORE filling out the application.

4.  This electronic application is to be used whether you are paying by Credit Card, Paypal, Check or Wire Transfer.

5.  Once you complete the application follow the instructions for submitting it.  Your application will be received in our office.

6. For your information: if you pay by Credit Card or Paypal, you will be instructed after submitting your application to go to the “Information and Payment” page.  Once your credit card is approved, you are officially a student at LEI.

7.  If you are paying by Check (must be drawn on a USA bank) or Wire Transfer, your application will be held until your check is received in the mail or when the Wire Transfer is completed.  

8.  Regardless of your method of payment,  Everyone should visit the Information and payment page to review the policies affecting your application.

9.  If there has been any adjustment to prices you will be notified.


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