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Dr. Gerald J. Luongo is Vice President of Language Exchange International and a managing partner along with Connie Paladino.  Dr. Luongo is a respected and award winning educator with over 45 years in education, having taught in the classroom at the high school, college and university levels, serving as a school administrator and serving in the State Department of Education as a state monitor.  He has served in many elected local and state leadership positions, authored books on education and has given of his time in the advancing of educational causes allied to professional educator associations, teacher preparation, community involvement in the schools, the improving and the expanding of educational services for all children, and the importance of the performing, applied and allied Arts in every schools curriculum.

Dr. Luongo has introduced the increased use of technology in the classroom in tandem with a Blended Curriculum.  Students are carefully evaluated for their initial placement in the program and as the term evolves, teacher observation and recommendation along with testing, determines the next level of advancement. Every student is encouraged and supported by a dedicated and committed faculty to apply themselves in the learning process.  

Vice President and Managing Partner

Meet the President and the

Vice-President of LEI

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Language Exchange International!  Each week we greet students from virtually every corner of the world.  They come to our beautiful campus in Boca Raton, Florida to experience our exceptional programs that are enhanced with a true sense of caring on the part of each and every member of our staff.  Our dynamic "hand-on" approach to teaching coupled with a full program of educational and exciting field trips and a plethora of social activities, is most certain to make your stay with us as enjoyable as it is educationally productive.

Founded in 1983, Language Exchange International is located on the East Coast of Florida in beautiful Boca Raton.  We are within walking distance to the beach and the ocean.  We are surrounded by wonderful shopping centers and many fine restaurants.  Located about 25 minutes from downtown Fort Lauderdale, it offers the best of two worlds to our students;  a safe, residential community, located within driving distance of the exciting cities of Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Palm Beaches.

​Mrs. Connie M. Paladino

Language Exchange International

Language Exchange International was founded in 1983 order to provide language training for adults who were looking for a painless but effective way to quickly acquire a second  or third language.

Language Exchange International offers year round intensive ESL/ESOL programs for International students and for any individual who would like to learn English.  Students studying in our English programs come to LEI to improve upon their language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The methodology of teaching English in an unique conversational approach was developed and refined by the School's President.   This program eclipses  all other schools in the field.

President's Message