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  • Helping students to achieve their goals every year

    Helping students to achieve their goals every year

  • Providing first-rate academic opportunities for students

    Providing first-rate academic opportunities for students

  • We aim to provide students with an excellent education

    We aim to provide students with an excellent education


We offer intensive English programs for students with F1 visa, leisure courses for those who want to improve their English while enjoying a vacation in beautiful South Florida, foreign language courses and translation and interpreting services in more than 30 languages, and teacher training seminars with credits toward recertification. Our high quality programs and a deep sense of caring on the part of teachers and staff will help you achieve your learning objectives.



    Have you Thought About Learning a Foreign Language?

    There are many packaged programs out there that make claims that anyone can learn a foreign language given the "unique feature" of the program that comes with a rather "hefty" price tag.  Most of these programs are more about hype than substance and in the final analysis, fall short of their claims.  When you really pause to think about learning a foreign language, there will never be a substitute for an eager, dedicated and committed student being taught by an excellent teacher who has a total command of the language.  In fact, that is the one recipe that will lead to success.  

    Whether the casual traveler or the businessman that would advance knowing another language; the person living in a multi-lingual part of the country where speaking another language would help immensely in getting a job; even knowing ONE other language will do much to enrich your life.  Learning how to speak and read another language will open up new vistas for you culturally.   As with anything that you consider worthwhile, there is going to be a certain amount of time that needs to be dedicated in the learning process.  And coupled with the teacher/student time there also needs to be a time for private practise on the student's part.  And like learning anything, practise can make perfect!   In either a private tutoring session, semi-private session or small group instruction, YOU WILL LEARN if you commit yourself to the process.  With a teacher providing an instant response to the manner in which you pronounce a word, identify an object, ask a question or even order from the menu, that response is so much more gratifying not to mention the confidence that you are gaining each and every time you speak! 


    Group classes are a fun and cost effective way to learn a foreign language. Group classes at Language Exchange International are kept very small – only three to seven people per class – to ensure that every participant has an opportunity to practice acquired skills and get personalized attention from the instructor. The emphasis is on communication in the newly acquired language. In addition to learning a new language, you will also learn about the culture and traditions of the countries where the language is used.


    Semi-private instruction is ideal for friends, spouses or business people who have similar needs in learning a language.  Semi-private courses are customized to the needs of the students, and allow for flexibility in scheduling.  In general, 90 to 120 minutes per session with a minimum of TWO sessions per week with have you and whomever speaking almost like a native and that will be exciting for everyone.  These lessons can be provided at our location, at your office or in your home. 


    Private instruction offers a great variety of advantages in learning foreign languages. Private classes are completely customized to the student’s needs and schedule. For your convenience, courses can be arranged at your home or office. Private lessons incorporate the vocabulary pertaining to the student’s professional field or area of interest, which will be assessed during the first meeting with the instructor.

    Corporate Training

    Knowledge of foreign languages is becoming essential for success and survival in today’s business world. Language Exchange International offers customized corporate training programs to many companies in South Florida as well as throughout the United States. We can help you learn how to communicate in the language of your international customers and partners. Corporate programs are customized to the needs of our clients, incorporate industry-specific vocabulary, as well as various idioms and colloquial expressions. Not only will you learn how to understand the new language, but also acquire an understanding of the cultures where the language is used. With emphasis placed on the conversational approach to language learning, these courses are as fun to take as they are effective.

    For information about these Four Specialized programs, please call 561-368-3913, Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you should call when the office is closed, simply leave a message and we will return your call.




    TEFL Teacher Training

    "Who dares to teach must never cease to learn."
    John Cotton Dana